Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a sincere crappyyyyyy crap with title: the art of letting go

Personal opinions. 

Sometimes we care too much to huge things yet somehow the little things that ever happened in our lives have been neglected unintentionally. Those things though they might not important and relevant today, they had cherished us before. I think it completes life, some people, they are meant to be a great thinker meanwhile some people they use their hearts to guide the thinking and usually their brains lose in the battle; either to be relevant or emotional. 

It's exhausting sometimes to reminisce the memories for the sake of keeping them tightly so that none of them will slip out.  I don't want none of them to be forgotten, but as time passes by, our brains are burdened with so many things and all the new information keep pressing the old ones until they are blocked somehow. That time, we don't even realise that we do forget the memories, the little tiny things that make up the stories in this life. Most of us will move on but there are some who refuse to go along with the changes, the heart-thinker, they usually stay in the same place, perhaps without any improvement, because they keep repeating the same memories inside their heads again and again so that the image of perfect life will never ever be destroyed with reality. They are dreamers, and intelligent people once said that, wake up from the dream and chase it in reality but the dreamers always are the stubborn ones, they live in a bubble of fantastic colourful dreams and when the bubble pops, they blow another one. 

People can be fed up when they tried so hard to keep the things that they once had with others but they are not even treated like that, a likely response is hardly to be given from the others. Once in awhile, it still can be forgiven but when it happens all the time, they might read the hint as a sign of letting go. The memories that have been built before are irrelevant with what they want to achieved today. Though the others didn't mean it but the heart-thinker always use their hearts as a guide to show them the path of leaving the people who already determine to create a better future by becoming realistic people with full of responsibility to be fulfilled. 

Tangled mind motivates me to write crap...but the crap comes deep from my heart. 

*sincere smile*

I may look carefree but not all the time, I think too much recently and the thing that I think is different from others. I am worried with things that some people forget to be worried or even not worth it to be worried; but for me insignificant things should be worried, by people like me who feel there are so many people who already worried with the big issue so let me handle this petty thing perhaps. 

It's fair, somehow. 

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hajidah jie said...

Aku tak baca pun this post but the title remind me of a film, the art of getting by. Hg penah tengok ka?