Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Dh lma x menulis,,menulis?? manaip laa..dlam blog niey,,,aq laa yg jrang sngat post kt blog niey,,,x sperti kayun,sis haneii n ummul huda,,depa suma asyik post mcam2 dlam blog niey,,,ari niey aq nk cita psal kesabaran,,, sabar,,,ap i2 sbar je laa,,,jka sumthink happen kt kta la cntohnyaa law ad owang mrah taw kta x puas ati kt sumthink we will say "sabo je laaa" ingat kwan2 sbar itu indah..ALLAH suka hmbanya yg bersabar,,,bersabar hnya seketika,,,insyaALLAH d ats ksabaran yg kta alami,,,ALLAH akn mmbalas gnjaran yg lbih besar dan baek,,,,AMIN :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sungguh! Betul-betul sungguh


It is hard to find people like you. Indeed, I can't define friendship. I don't know what people look at friendship. Aren't they think that friendship is such a sacred and beautiful thing to be wasted of?

Deep in my heart I want to have friends just like you to accompany my days and nights here. But I realize no one can replace you. And I do understand why God make us far apart. It is just so that we can learn that our friendship is precious. Therefore, we will appreciate it more.

I really really miss friends who will always take me to do good deeds. It is not I mean that friends here are not good. But I think I am longing for people that will always attract me to do kindness such as inviting me to sharing knowledge session at musolla. People that are afraid to do things that may bring harm to themselves.

I am not strong and good enough to stand alone. Sometimes, I slipped from the right track. I couldn't resist the temptations. I made mistake and I felt ashamed.

And sometimes I felt lonely.

I don't know, maybe because I tend to build a wall instead if bridge to people surround me. But at least I think I am safer to live in the wall. I may unable to resist several temptations. Therefore, I must prevent it first.

Good friends, best friends, best friends forever? :-? It is hard to define.

But hopefully all my friends will be my friends forever. Until we go to the heaven. Amin.

P/s: Internet friends are real friends too. :-) They make my day, most every day. Haha.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

never stop until u reach da top

jwab ea salamku utk suma,,,huhu kepenatan tpi tgn niey still nk mnekan keyboard huhu,,,mnggu niey bdak2 yg nk cntinue study in degree dh msuk,,,syoknyaaa,,,cngrate blajar leklok he9 pndainyerrr bgi nsihat kn??dya tuuu,,,,sma2 lah kta mengejar impian ea,,,tpi kta kna ingat ap tujuan kta belajar dan mengejar cita2,,pikirkn n slamat beramal,,,sentiasa ingat ALLAH dgn setiap perbuatan yg kta buat,,,,,salam :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Number 1 :
The bestfriend who you’re so close to. You see them at least twice a week or more. You guys talk a lot and catch up on everything.
Number 2 :
The type of friendship where you two don’t talk as much but deep down, you know that persons your bestfriend. Why? They understand you even if they barely see you

*Copy from HERE