Wednesday, December 19, 2012


#SejakmasukSBP ----> this hashtag on twitter reminds me of my beloved school, though some people seemed uncomfortable with this hashtag and they assumed that the SBP's students just wanted to show off. Idk about others but I believe most of us who enjoyed reading, retweeting, favouriting this hashtag actually did not mean to be boastful about being the products of SBP. The main point is we miss our school life, so so so much. I do, I do miss the moments of being a student in SBPIKP, the best moment in my life (right now), really!

#SejakmasukSBP I learnt to do things on my own. I'm an independent lady. Wakaka. There is always a first time of everything. For example, doing the laundry, ironing school clothes, making my bed, tidying my locker, inventing new food #eh? Omagad, I'm so proud that I'd survived for five years *tears rolling down my cheeks*

#SejakmasukSBP I appreciate my family (esp mak and abah) more than before. Huhu the fact that we could only go back once in a month was really painful at the beginning of the years (Form 1 especially-but in my case I'm kind of homesick until Form 5) However, that feeling to be treated like a princess when spending holidays at home was so so so gooood. Name any food that you want to eat, tadaaa omnomnom. The best part of it, you are allowed to hibernate under your blanket without being scolded. And...yes, you can conquer the TV, (sadly when my brother is at home, I lose the power...)

#SejakmasukSBP I don't know that I have the ability to sneak from the wardens and prefects. That almost near death experience (exagerrating) to creep up from one place to another place in order to escape from being caught (or even hiding in locker or behind the locker or under the bed). Hmm but sometimes I still wonder can't they be more lenient (prefects; some of them) err you know like being merciful and tolerant once in a while..Ohohoho..hohoooohooooooo

#SejakmasukSBP I am blessed with the best best best friends ever and some awkward friends(I am the one who thinks this way I guess) but never mind in the end we still sing the same song and celebrate festivals at school together and usually I will forget the awkwardness and cherish the awesomeness indeed! *listening to Sahabat by Najwa Latiff*

#SejakmasukSBP I am exposed to merit/demerit system. Never bother about it. Err during sport's day or any competition, there's kind of err err a great semangat perkauman antara rumah-rumah sukan. Whatever, I don't like sports day or any competition among people. The only person that I want to compete is my brother, see how uncompetitive I am. 

#SejakmasukSBP I got the chance to meet a lot of people and I like the idea of socialising with other SBP's students when there were programmes that involved all SBPs around Malaysia. Uuu, what I like is, not the same face will go to every programme, it's like people take turn to get involved, and it's nice. Gedik la jugak sikit nak berkenalan-kenalan (Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah stated that there's a research that young girls will be super"miang" during the age of 14-15"), hantar2 flyers for exams or even raya. The most exciting part when you have friends from primary school in other SBP, and you are like so soooo eager to meet them and reminiscing the past and seronott nott nott sangat jumpa kawan tau. 

#SejakmasukSBP your batch is like your family. Wah, this is so true. You are assigned to organise celebration at school together such as Teacher's day (form five) and Independent's day (form four). During the preparation's phase, you work and cooperate and follow the leader's instruction. You are divided into several groups to accomplish the mission. Whoa, I miss the moment. At the moment, you realise that some of your friends are really talented in many areas (I still adore Idrus's work of decorating the hall-like a professional!)

#Sejakmasuk SBP(ikp) we are taught to solat berjemaah setiap waktu. ya Allah, this is the best part of being part of this school. Before, to be frank I did think it's quite hard to go to musolla (surau) setiap waktu but after leaving the school, I miss that moment so much. And it's sad to witness how empty the surau looks when only several people perform solat jemaah at other places. 

A lot of things I can write actually because the the memories never fade on my mind and stay peacefully in my heart. And I am just so excited to write all these. My school's life is the best for me though I'm not the top student but it doesn't matter when I look it from another perspective. 

SBPIKP rocksssssss \(*@*)/


ummul huda said...

wuhuu kayun..sedih dan gembira bc entry nih..sentimental kayun..tmbh2 dekat part men nyorok2 dgn pengawas..hu2 rindunya sekolah..

Haziqah Yusra said...

yes true and so truueee