Thursday, July 7, 2011


“Aku teringin nak masuk syurga”
“Siapa yang tak nak?”
“Kalau kau masuk dulu, tarik aku sama?”
Chad sengih.”Jom ambil air sembahyang.”

[Hlovate, Contengan Jalanan (I-Fend)]

“Pertama, ingati aku dalam setiap doamu. Kedua, kalau aku jatuh, hulurkanlah tanganmu kepadaku. Bila aku bengkok, Kau luruskanlah aku.”
— Hilal Asyraf - (Terasing)

I love the subsection and I take it as my facebook status, not because of I heart their author but for the sake of friendship. I honestly can say that i experienced that kind of friendship with my friends and still hoping to have a lot of friends just like them, that I can really trust and understand me, will help me if anything happens to me and the most important, they can guide me to the right path.

Here are some pretty basic rules that I feel are necessary to establish better relationships between you and your girls.

Remember to LISTEN to one another. It’s easy to want to one up another but remember that you all have to LISTEN. That’s why we have girlfriends.

We MUST have a girl’s day/night/weekend AT LEAST 3 or 4 times a year. We’re all busy….but we still need to reconnect with one another.

If we are too busy and live faraway with one another, don't miss to call or send sms. sometimes, a short sms can make your friends carve a smile.

You’ll make sure your girl doesn’t do anything stupid. if they do somethings wrong, guide them. your girls are a reflection of you when you step out together.

You won’t let a man come between you. you appreciate your friends rather than your boyfriend .BUT you learn as you get older a man like a boyfriend or husband WILL COME FIRST.just don’t forget your girls.


WE ARE A UNITED FRONT……you don’t like one….then you don’t like all……..WE ALL HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK!

5 friends I LOVE and WHY??

KAYUN - I love her because we’ve been friends for 9 years and started getting close when we were in form 1. We know a lot of secrets about each other. We would stand up for each other for things that doesn't really need standing up for but best friends do unreasonable things for each other.  we are so comfortable with each other to the point where we can talk about the weirdest thing. although we never meet each other yet this year, I always feel that you still beside me. I’m so glad we’re still close friends:)

AINN - I love her because she’s caring, understanding, loyal, and trustworthy. we can talk about anything and for a long time. She’s always there for me when I need to talk. she’s always there supporting me, she would be there for me when I’m going through my toughest day and I know so will be there for me no matter what. thanks for always hearing my cry.

HAZIQAH  I love her because we are so cool with each other. We give each other good advice and are always there to listen to each other when we got a problem. you are the strongest friend I have. I really miss the time when we  hang out together. 

ALYNN I love her because even though she acts like she doesn’t care but she always do things that I know shows that she cares. she is one hell of a special person. I’m glad we got to know each other better. thank you because you are the one person that always visit me in UM.:)

UMMUL - I love her because her happy-go-lucky character. Even though she act like anything bad doesn't happen but she’s actually really sensitive and nice and that is what I like about her:). I miss her so much.

Those are the friends that I want to stay in my life for ever and ever. This is not in order and I’m just doing the people who first popped up in my mind so it’s okay if your not on the list because I still love you:) YOU HEAR THAT???? ngee..


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