Monday, May 9, 2011

Esei Mara Sains Aktuari untuk junior

Borned on March 27th 1992 in Perlis and grow up in Kedah until now.I am the eldest only daughter of a couple ,Yaman bin Baharom and Norhaizi binti Mat. My parents granted me such a gorgeous name, Haziqah Yusra binti Yaman. When I was still a little child, I started my first education at Tabika Perpaduan Taman Sera. By the age of seven, I began my primary session at Sekolah Kebangsaan Siputeh. Ended my primary school session with 5As in the hand, I was offered to further my study at a new prestigious school located at the border to Thailand. After struggling through many obstacles and challenges, thank God, I managed to get 9As for my PMR and the history was repeated when I got straight 9As in my SPM without A-.

Reminiscing my school’s life, it was a precious moment and this school taught me a lot in being a better person. Joined the Soranbushi team and choral speaking team, shone my potential in teamwork. Appointed as vice secretary in Persatuan Puteri Islam, Librarian and committee of Badan Dakwah and Rohani had

polished up my leadership skill and my self-confident become robust when I had many chances to speech out my brilliant ideas. Also appointed as one of the committee of my batch association, a great relieve for me and all the members as our batch performed very well in SPM and our school ranked at the second place for English subject and 17th place for overall among the SBP schools in Malaysia. Due the ingenious performance in my Mathematics subject, I was chosen to participate in Australian Mathematics Competition. For sports arena, I represented my school for the district level in Badminton Tournament. Recently, I meant last year, I joined the expedition to conquer the summit of Mount Kinabalu. There were only six girls among the 21 students. I took this challenge as a preparation for me to face the real world games soon. This expedition really paid off when I was succeed to reach the summit and the joy is unexplainable by words. Every second in my 24-hours a day is gold. I was able to manage them wisely though I was very busy for almost every day especially at the beginning of the year when the activities should be plan to be run throughout the year and the reports should be hand in at the end of the year. Although, it seemed too pack for my schedule, but my enthusiasm towards studying was hard to be ignore. By hook or by crook I will hand in my homework on time. With the help of my organiser, I was able to arrange my activities and it was proven when I scored with excellent results in all my exams.

I was aspired to be an actuary when I read an article in the web. I found that this career is highly demand in Malaysia a decade from now. Considering that I will finish my study less than a decade, hence this is the best choice I made. Actuarial Science is the study and application of financial mathematics,probability,statistics,economics and aspect of demography to real world problems predominantly in the insurance arena. As I performed well in Mathematics and Additional Mathematics in my previous study session, I think this course suits me well. After finishing my preparation semesters either American Degree Transfer Programme or International Baccalaureate, I only have to pursue my study three years more to have a degree in this field. Thereafter, writing the professional exams through the Institute of Actuaries takes 3-7 years(working and studying) after the degree.The passing rates for this exams is definitely low, so it is not a big problem for me to pass them easily. As I am considering to pursue my study in United Kingdom, I am required to take 5 series of exam to become a qualified actuary. It would be a joy if I got the place to pursue my study in University of Kent located at Canterbury. This university ranked at the 12th place in UK for student satisfaction according to the Sunday Times University Guide 2009. Furthermore, Kent have been awarded National Teaching Fellowships for the three years running. Its first class facilities with over 1.3 millions books, journals, and periodicals will ease my study there. Within a walking distance from the campus, I could reach the city and many facilities are provided. Moreover, the green and tranquil open spaces in the campus are really conducive for student who loves the nature like me.

Realising that actuaries in Malaysia are in the small amount, a prompt action has to be taken. The obligation to fill the vacant posts for actuaries is like to be on me. After graduated, I will come back to my hometown and work in Malaysia my beloved land. While I am working, I will take 5 series of exams to be a professional actuary. The actuary’s job is only on office-hour, hence I will spend my quality time at home for myself and also my family. Actuary usually applies the financial and statistical theories to solve the real business problems. These problems typically involve analysing future financial events especially when the amount of a future payment or the timing when it is paid is uncertain. This job operate in consultancy, investment, life and general insurance and pensions. I am interested in investment area, the task range such as:pricing financial derivatives,working in fund management or working in quantitative investment research.By managing the risk of future uncertain events, I will help people to relieve their emotional pain by minimising the loss. I may choose to serve under life insurance companies,banks or universities which need my skill in their actuarial department. Future regulatory development and the increasing need for risk management are likely to result in increase in demand for actuarial.

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